AppEngine WordPress plugin Version 1.3 Released

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released version 1.3 of the AppEngine WordPress plugin. We encourage all users of WordPress on App Engine to upgrade to this new version as soon as possible.

The new version of the plugin includes the following features and bug fixes.

  • Import support for WordPress export files, forked from the popular WordPress importer plugin.
  • URLFetch support for WordPress versions 3.7 and above, that fixes issues caused by core WordPress changes to the WT_HTTP Class.
  • Bug fix for incorrectly detecting if a Google Cloud Storage bucket was writable by the application during setup.
  • Better logging of plugin errors.

Like always, please report any issues with the plugin in the support forum.

We also gladly accept pull requests – you can find the plugin source on Github.

2 thoughts on “AppEngine WordPress plugin Version 1.3 Released

  1. Kim A. Kitchen

    I would like to know why there are all of these cool features for the other languages but not for PHP? will these other features be supported in the future? is PHP the wrong language to use in GAE?

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