PHP runtime new feature requests

It’s great to see so much interest in the PHP runtime we released at I/O – and there are some cool blog posts starting to appear that showing how to get various frameworks and applications up and running.

When we were building the runtime we needed a way to prioritize what PHP extensions we should support at launch. The obvious way to do that is to pick one of the popular PHP apps and get it to work, and then build from there. As you can see from our I/O session we picked WordPress.

So now we get to the inevitable “Hey you forgot popular extension ‘X’ that I need to run popular framework ‘Y'” types of questions and discussions. Never fear comrades, the extensions that we include in the runtime are far from set in stone – and we’re really looking now for the community to tell us what it is they need to get their applications working well on App Engine.

To this end, the best place to tell us what’s missing is in the issue tracker. You can see what people have already raised here, and if what you need is already listed then “star” the issue to let us know it’s important.

If what you need is not listed, then go and add a new feature request and let us know what you need and why it’s important. Other developers can then star your issue as well and we can easily see what the majority of the community requires. Make sure you add “Language-PHP” to the labels of the issue your create.

Of course, some items might not be PHP specific but overall feature requests or bugs for App Engine – you should use the same process to file issues for the overall platform, using the label field of the issue to categorize it as best you can.